Photo noise is a photographer's least favorite thing on the planet..

Well, maybe not the least favorite thing... its a competition for mixed white balance environments, damaged gear, and a few other things near the top of the list. But noisy images are the pits. I mean, unless you are trying to go for a noisy/grainy look (but why tho?) I was challenged with documenting some pretty low-light situations for a video promo and knew I would be pushing my camera ISO up pretty high to get detail I was hoping to keep with the slowest shutter and widest aperture I could afford.

This meant expecting grain. A lot of grain.

I mean, we were in the country, with the scene lit by a campfire and in some cases added backlight from a dimmed constant LED set off in the distance. I knew it was gonna be hard to get sharp images and assumed the production would be a bit hazy. Much to my surprise I was gobsmacked at the clarity produced by the "low-light" auto setting DeNoise AI produced. The images below speak for themselves!