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What Does Your Image Say?

Setting yourself apart from your competition is hard work. We're here to make that work the easy part of your day.

Speak Louder

Images that properly represent who you are go a long way to make your company connect with your clients and customers. Let us walk you through a free branding conversation to capture your company's vision.

Put Your Team on It

Individual photos go a long way to make your clients comfortable with who they are working with on a daily basis. Why not introduce your team? Nothing says "we're here to help" like a solid, cohesive team image.

Get To Work

Product details, hero shots, client interaction, social media video, we don't stop there. Let's dig to find what makes the best impressions and connects your client's eyes to your product.


We know how to connect you to your customers

What's In It For Your Business?

• Experienced creatives engaging your company with fresh eyes to share what makes your team and location unique in your industry

• A targeted approach to your brand through your story consistent with your ideals and mission

Great new content of your active business and product ready for your website and social media pages

Commercial Photo

Image Portfolio

$285/Hour • Booking Fee

Two-hour minimum

Online gallery for easy image review

Lite retouching + color-correction on all images

Advanced Image retouching for $10/image

+$300 if additional crew is required

Advanced Retouching

$10/ Image • Retouching Fee

Easy to select your favorite images

Background removal

Backdrop replacement

In-depth retouching

Bulk image retouching discount available

Contact Us To Start Your Project

Every Project is Unique

We want to get it right! So let us contact you to get a better idea about how we can serve you. We will try hard to call you within your requested timeframe and look forward to learning more about your project.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Tell me about License Fees?

Typically licensing is not required for most images created for your company. However, if an image or series of images are planned to be used in a regional, national, or international marketing campaign on a billboard, television, or magazine, image licensing is agreed upon for the use of the work in the campaign. We offer full image usage rights for every photo, just ask us!

What are Revision Cut fees?

Every video we create allows for an initial rough cut and two additional revision cuts before requiring fees for additional revisions. This allows our collaboration to stay on-track with your project and locate the vision in a timely manner.
Fees are outlined like this:

Small Business Video:
• $65 All standard revision cuts beyond second revision
• $265 Full re-cut for 1 minute video
• $365 Full re-cut for 2 minute video
• $465 Full re-cut for 3 minute video

Med-Large Business Video:
• $195 All standard revision cuts beyond second revision
• $795 Full re-cut for 1 minute video
• $895 Full re-cut for 2 minute video
• $995 Full re-cut for 3 minute video

Small business compared to medium/large businesses?

Generally speaking, the business sizing structure we reference on is based on people-size. Some of this fluctuates but these are the general guidelines:
• Small business falls in the 1-25/40 employees range
• Medium business falls in the 40-100/200 employees range
• Large business falls in the 200+ employee range

What is "branding" and do I need it?

We want to drill down into what makes you shine and connect that spark with your customers. Each business has a unique vibe, we want to capture is the feelings, the mood, the emotions, the calm and crazy moments and all the details that attract your clients and customers to YOU.

How is my Custom Quote made?

With the scope of each project adjustable to the needs of your business, many factors are weighed to find best outcome for your images. A simple one-man crew may be able to fulfill the work required or a crew might need to be brought in to fill production demands. We don't rest until you are happy so that you can rest assured we've taken care of the details.

How many pictures will I receive?

Each project is unique in scope and required outcome of images. If a specific number of images are required we will be sure to get it in writing so you will be happy with the outcome. Licensing may be required for use of certain images in a project as well.

What if I want video for my brand as well?

Video is a powerful tool for building your brand and connecting clients. We are ready to create videos that set your brand apart from the competition. Ask us how we can help!