General FAQ

How will I receive my digital files?

If you wish to download the Free version of the digital files your email address and download PIN will be required to access the images. Your email address will only be used to notify you when your .ZIP file of images is ready to be downloaded. The email you receive will also include the link you will need to access your images.

You can also select where you would like the download to be sent when it's ready - to your Computer as a .ZIP file, or directly to your Dropbox or Google Photos account.

You will receive the Gallery Download in a .ZIP file format on their computer, which you can unzip/extract to get the .jpg image files inside. If you select Dropbox or Google Photos, the images will be available to view directly from your chosen account. If you are using Single Photo Download to Download select individual images, the .jpg file will save directly to your computer or mobile device.

Read our article on HOW TO: Access Your Free Digital Download

What's the difference between the Free download and the Full Resolution download?

The Free download saves your image as a smaller file perfect for social media or very small prints such as wallets. You may access your free image download anywhere you see the download arrow. It will require your email address and the provided download PIN.
The Full Resolution download (a paid option) saves your image at its original file size making it best for prints larger than wallets and up to large format options like a wall poster. You may access the Full Resolution image download as a paid option in the gallery store.

Real Estate FAQ

Do you offer virtual staging?

Yes we do! You choose the images you would like to have staged for $25/image to be completed within 3 days of the selection.

How many pictures will I receive for my property?

Each session offers a minimum number of images targeted to its field.
> Residential properties below 1500 square feet are provided a maximum of 36 images while most properties over 1500+ square feet are provided with 36 images as a minimum. We average 36 images as that is the current maximum number of uploads allowable on MLS.
> Commercial properties are tiered differently so each session allows for varying images of the property.
> Rental properties are provided a minimum of 15-17 images to satisfy the inquiring mind on Rent, Trulia, or Zillow.
> Rebuild / Remodels are unique in as much as a the work done may only apply to a portion of the property but we strive to make an average of 3-10 images per remodeled room for the standard remodel.

Can I get more than the minimum number of images for my property?

If specific amenities or unique items about a property are requested those images are often included beyond the minimum number of images per session. Please make sure you tell us in your notes what kind of details you're looking for!

How are my images delivered?

Your property will be delivered via a gallery. Our clients can download photos from their gallery directly to their Dropbox or Google Photos account, making it even easier to get photos to their mobile devices. The gallery will be accessible for 3 months after the upload date.
Videos are shared separately.

Do you have a sample gallery I can see?

Yes! We have provided a sample gallery for an un-staged residential property in the Client Portal. Click the link below to access it!

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my session?

We get it, life sometimes provides unexpected situations for you and your clients. If you wish to reschedule, that's totally acceptable. We will be as flexible as possible to accommodate you and your client's needs. If you need to cancel and the session has already been paid for you will be refunded 50% of the total. If you need to reschedule, we won't charge you a dime.

Business Services FAQ

What is "branding" and do I need it?

We want to drill down into what makes you shine and connect that spark with your customers. Each business has a unique vibe, we want to capture is the feelings, the mood, the emotions, the calm and crazy moments and all the details that attract your clients and customers to YOU.

What is the difference between an individual and corporate session?

Individual portrait sessions are designed as highly flexible sessions tailored to the client's needs. The team sessions work to bring that flexibility in close play through simplifying the difficult process of photographing busy members of your team together in one location. We are just as serious about photo consistency as you are and want your team to look incredible.

How is my Custom Quote made?

With the scope of each project adjustable to the needs of your business, many factors are weighed to find best outcome for your images. A simple one-man crew may be able to fulfill the work required or a crew might need to be brought in to fill production demands. We don't rest until you are happy so that you can rest assured we've taken care of the details.

How many pictures will I receive?

Each project is unique in scope and required outcome of images. If a specific number of images are required we will be sure to get it in writing so you will be happy with the outcome. Licensing may be required for use of certain images in a project as well.

How does licensing images for my brand work?

Typically licensing is not required for most images created for your company. However, if an image or series of images are planned to be used in a regional, national, or international marketing campaign for billboards, television, or magazines, image licensing is agreed upon for the use of the work in the campaign. We offer full usage rights for each photo. Just ask us!

What if I want video for my brand as well?

Video is a powerful tool for building your brand and connecting clients. We are ready to create videos that set your brand apart from the competition. Ask us how we can help!

Lifestyle Portraits FAQ

How are my images delivered to me?

• After our session together all the images are uploaded to your online gallery.
• You choose your favorites to be retouched. You choose whether you would like a default of 10, 20, or 30 images to be automatically selected on the booking page.
• Any additional favorite images can be optionally retouched for $3 per image.
• Each favorite image is carefully retouched and delivered to you without watermark for download!
Please note high-resolution files are purchasable separate from a print order.

Do you offer a make-over session before the photo session?

We partner with a few great stylist friends who offer senior session discounts for your photo booking. Please ask us as you book your time!